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Latest Technology http://latesttechnology.space Sat, 22 Jul 2017 11:57:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.3.4 Code Typing Text Animations with jQuery TypeIt http://latesttechnology.space/code-typing-text-animations-with-jquery-typeit/ http://latesttechnology.space/code-typing-text-animations-with-jquery-typeit/#comments Sat, 22 Jul 2017 11:57:48 +0000 http://latesttechnology.space/code-typing-text-animations-with-jquery-typeit/ The combo of jQuery and text binds no bounds on a web. You can build roughly anything with a bit of creativity and a right JavaScript libraries.

One such library is TypeIt, built as a giveaway jQuery plugin. It lets we emanate dynamic typing animations that demeanour impossibly realistic. You can even conclude tradition pauses between keystrokes to build your possess easing for a animation.

TypeIt is 100% giveaway and open-source, built as a text apparatus for a jQuery community. All of a support is available online and impossibly easy to follow.

However, only note that while TypeIt does come with a free personal license, blurb licenses do, unfortunately, cost money. But, we can use a giveaway personal permit perpetually and it never expires, so it’s a good apparatus for all your personal projects or even your personal website.

You can get started by adding a tender TypeIt JavaScript record via CDN right to your page’s header. Then supplement jQuery, write some text, and bond it all together. Simple!

Typically, you’ll target a specific div on a page and use it as a enclosure for a content animation. Here’s a sample formula snippet to uncover we how this works:

     strings: ['This is my string!']

By passing tradition options to a typeIt() function, we can delayed down a typing speed, supplement pauses during certain intervals, and even reset a settings during certain intervals to change a typing speed mid-animation.

You can even test these options on a plugin page if you’re peaceful to spend some time toying around with a settings.

This content animation builder is a ideal instance of what we can do with this plugin. You get so many tradition options that we can even build a web app, using this plugin, to create animations on a fly!

On a categorical plugin page, you’ll also find more modernized options towards a bottom with formula snippets we can copy.

So, download TypeIt and give it a shot! Once we get it operative it’s unequivocally a lot of fun. And, if we have any questions or suggestions for a developer we can bond with him on Twitter @amacarthur.

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Customizing Bootstrap Layouts: Trends, Tools & Frameworks http://latesttechnology.space/customizing-bootstrap-layouts-trends-tools-frameworks/ http://latesttechnology.space/customizing-bootstrap-layouts-trends-tools-frameworks/#comments Fri, 21 Jul 2017 11:53:10 +0000 http://latesttechnology.space/customizing-bootstrap-layouts-trends-tools-frameworks/ Bootstrap is now a number one front-end framework and simply a quickest approach to build layouts. It has been around for years and third-party developers have even published their possess resources online. These resources operation from free themes to detailed plugins and frameworks.

Bootstrap 4: New Cool Features You’ll Love

Bootstrap 4: New Cool Features You’ll Love

The subsequent vital recover of a Bootstrap horizon is around a corner. The alpha chronicle can already be…Read more

In this article, we would like to share a handful of these resources and best practices for developers who wish to go serve with Bootstrap.

All a resources in this post are free, so we can use them however we see fit. Even if we have never used Bootstrap you’re certain to find something here that will assistance we get started.

Restyling with Bootstrap

The default Bootstrap library comes with a own singular design that looks fantastic. It’s widely famous opposite a web and we can simply tell when a website is using normal Bootstrap elements.

But, we can also restyle these elements yourself to use Bootstrap’s formula as a substructure for your layout.

There are a few opposite ways we can do this:

  • Add your possess stylesheet to overwrite a default.
  • Customize BootStrap’s output, so we usually get a elements we want.
  • Combine with add-ons and plugins/themes.

That final choice is a many common and it’s one of a reasons Bootstrap has grown so fast.

Granted I’m also a outrageous fan of their customize tool given it’s totally giveaway and gives we so many control over which facilities we wish to use.

There are tons of resources for BootStrap 3/4, combined by third-party developers, so it’s easier than ever to create your possess singular BootStrap layouts though essay many code.

Plugins add-ons

Since Bootstrap comes with a vast JavaScript library, it’s easy adequate to expand JavaScript features. And developers have positively finished so with their possess plugins, many expelled for giveaway online.

These are my favorites that all support Bootstrap natively. Many of them run on jQuery, so they are also easy to customize if we know your approach around a jQuery library.

Form validator

First adult is my favorite form validation plugin, Form Validator. It runs on jQuery and it supports a whole store of frontend frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation, Pure, UIKit, and others.

You can manually attach any series of 51 validators to any form on your site. This means visitors will need to accommodate those validation mandate before they can contention a contents.

Many hit forms use these validators to require operative email addresses. But, we can also use them for picture uploads, or passwords, flattering many anything your Bootstrap-heart desires.

Datetime picker

Date pickers are also a outrageous pain to formula yourself. Many forms usually use dropdown menus for a day/month/year settings though we can also use this Bootstrap date picker plugin to save yourself a hassle.

It’s totally open-source and runs on a Bootstrap 3.x library. You will also notice it supports both a date and time by regulating another jQuery plugin, Moment.js.

Overall, this library is illusory to get a operative date picker active. It does have a lot of dependencies but, thankfully, we won’t need to write many formula to get it working.

Star ratings

Here’s another cold underline for star ratings on a web. You can append a one-to-five star rating anywhere on your site, regulating a Bootstrap library for JavaScript behaviors.

When a user hovers over these stars a arrangement changes to whatever a rating is formed on their cursor position. Then, with one click, a user casts their opinion and sets a star rating, including half-star ratings.

This plugin is unequivocally complicated to set up given we can change a lot of a default settings for some-more advanced techniques. But, we can see a elementary live demo to sign if this star rating plugin fits with your site.


Bootstrap comes with a own list blueprint style for displaying tabular information on a frontend. But, with a WATable plugin, we can supplement a whole garland of additional facilities to your Bootstrap tables.

This is one of a many minute jQuery plugins out there and these are usually some of a facilities we can add:

  • Custom pagination.
  • Column sorting.
  • Data filtering.
  • Table animation effects.
  • Check-to-select whole rows.

WATable is described as a Swiss Army blade of list plugins and we have to determine with this description. The fact that it supports Bootstrap is usually a topping on a cake.

These were some of my favorite plugins though there are so many others out there. You can crop by even some-more on this page if you’re curious.

Bootstrap frameworks

Bootstrap is indeed a vast horizon given it lets users customize a default HTML and CSS styles with a few classes.

But, developers have taken a default BootStrap library and combined their possess styles to emanate even incomparable frameworks that work like themes, so we don’t need to restyle Bootstrap from scratch.

Thankfully, they’re all giveaway and they all run on a default BootStrap classes.


Perhaps a many obvious BootStrap horizon is Bootflat UI that follows a flat pattern trend.

It works with all a default Bootstrap features, including all JavaScript components. The vital differences are some-more in design and structure where page elements use prosaic tone schemes to pierce divided from Bootstrap’s slope styles.

Bootflat hasn’t been overused unequivocally much, so we can supplement this horizon on any alighting page or homepage to emanate a singular demeanour for your site.

It’s 100% giveaway and even comes with a color picker, so we can find prosaic tone schemes to compare your layout.

Get Shit Done

This surprisingly blunt UI kit also builds on tip of a Bootstrap 3 library and it’s expelled for giveaway on GitHub.

Get Shit Done comes from a group during Creative Tim where they do sell a few reward resources. This specific UI pack does have a pro chronicle though it’s not required during all.

The open-source chronicle has some-more than adequate for everybody and we can check out a live demo to see how it looks like in a browser.

Bootstrap component design

Another renouned pattern trend is Google’s material design. This is a pattern denunciation creatively finished for Android app designers though has given spread onto a web and garnered lots of support from UI/UX designers.

This implausible Bootstrap component framework uses a component pattern facilities to build a tradition pattern style out of Bootstrap’s library.

By default, it supports all in BootStrap 3 and is now being reworked to also support Bootstrap 4. You can learn some-more on a official homepage that has support and demos.

A identical library we competence try is MDBootstrap, nonetheless we find this one a small some-more formidable to work with.


Google did emanate a component pattern denunciation though they also have their possess styles for many of their collection and web apps.

Bootplus mimics a Google+ interface style, along with many of Google’s assistance docs, Google Drive, and identical web apps. It has all a same facilities as Bootstrap, including grids, blueprint styles, component styles, and JavaScript components.

You can even crop by a demo on a site to see a differences between Bootplus and a strange Bootstrap UI. For a giveaway resource, Bootplus is endless and it’s ideal for anyone who likes Google’s pattern techniques.

Tools resources

Lastly, we wish to dive into a many giveaway collection for customizing and building Bootstrap layouts.

These collection are all web apps and many of them are even open-sourced on GitHub. They’re finished to save we time and assistance we pattern implausible Bootstrap layouts though many code.

Live editor

The giveaway Bootstrap live editor is one of a best collection for non-technical designers. If we don’t know how to formula we can still rest on this Bootstrap builder to emanate a whole blueprint from scratch.

It runs right in your browser and we can even collect from pre-made templates to get started.

Options in a sidebar let we add certain CSS values if we do know some frontend coding. But, we can also use a GUI to change colors, fonts, sizes, and flattering many anything else we like.

Once you’re done, click “Get theme” and we can copy/paste a updated CSS styles into your possess project. Super easy approach to restyle Bootstrap though wanting to recode all from scratch.

Form builder

This giveaway Bootstrap form builder is a drag-and-drop browser tool that allows we to emanate Bootstrap forms from scratch.

Again, it requires 0 coding knowledge and we have full entrance to all Bootstrap 3 elements. Just name a component we wish and drag it right into a left-hand box. From here, we can change all from a placeholder content to a CSS class.

By distant a coolest form builder I’ve ever seen and it’s 100% free!


Another giveaway apparatus we unequivocally like is BootSwatchr. It relies on a Bootstrap horizon and it lets we update colors, thesis styles, and a overall layout of a page.

What we like about this app is how it also comes with a free gallery of pre-designed styles.

So, we can download a pattern that someone else already made or we can use that as a starting indicate to customize your possess theme.

Moving Forward

Bootstrap is usually flourishing in popularity, so now is a best time to dive into this framework. Thankfully, there are dozens of plugins, frameworks, and giveaway collection we can use to assist a dev process.

In this article, we usually showed a tip of a iceberg, so if we don’t see anything here that’s useful get out to Google and see what else we can find.

Using Bootstrap 3 With Sass

Using Bootstrap 3 With Sass

Bootstrap comes with Responsive Grids, and a few common web components that we can collect adult to build…Read more

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Fontjoy – Helpful Font Pairing Tools For Designers http://latesttechnology.space/fontjoy-helpful-font-pairing-tools-for-designers/ http://latesttechnology.space/fontjoy-helpful-font-pairing-tools-for-designers/#comments Fri, 21 Jul 2017 11:53:04 +0000 http://latesttechnology.space/fontjoy-helpful-font-pairing-tools-for-designers/ Choosing fonts to use in a pattern project isn’t accurately a cakewalk. If a fonts are too identical to one another, they’ll be tough to distinguish. Likewise, if a fonts choices are drastically different, it can be intensely differing to a reader. To deal with this dilemma, record provides your with font pairing tools.

30 Free Sans Serif Fonts to Download

30 Free Sans Serif Fonts to Download

The internet is jam-packed with a innumerable of fonts from opposite styles and families. From hand-drawn fonts to…Read more

In line with that, there is an engaging and helpful rise pairing tool on a internet called Fontjoy that helps we beget a ideal rise set of your own.

Created by Jack Qiao, Fontjoy is a elementary web apparatus that leverages appurtenance training in sequence to assistance we name a ideal rise combination. All we need to do is set a contrariety between fonts, trimming from really identical to extravagantly different. Once that’s done, click the Generate button.

After a few moments, a page would reload with a text being transposed with a new multiple of fonts. All of a rise styles can afterwards be seen on a left palm side of a screen.

Besides finding new rise pairs, it is also probable to use Fontjoy to learn fonts that work good with one another. To do so, you’ll need to close a rise of choice by clicking on a “lock pad” icon located next a font’s name.

After that, click on a Generate symbol again. Once a page refreshes, you’ll be greeted with a new set of fonts that complements a sealed font.

In a stream state, Fontjoy supports scarcely 2,000 forms of font, so rest positive that a combinations are nearby vast during this point.

Top 10 Fonts Web Designers Love

Top 10 Fonts Web Designers Love

When we was starting out with Web and striking design, we was always wondering about a fonts that…Read more

http://latesttechnology.space/fontjoy-helpful-font-pairing-tools-for-designers/feed/ 0
How to Co-Edit WordPress Posts Using Wave http://latesttechnology.space/how-to-co-edit-wordpress-posts-using-wave/ http://latesttechnology.space/how-to-co-edit-wordpress-posts-using-wave/#comments Thu, 20 Jul 2017 11:52:07 +0000 http://latesttechnology.space/how-to-co-edit-wordpress-posts-using-wave/ Managing a multi-author blog can be utterly a hassle. But what if we tell we about a apparatus with that we can co-edit blog posts with other writers within WordPress itself and get feedback on your write-up like you’re sitting subsequent to them. Above all, we can get this apparatus totally free!

Interesting right?

Using The TinyMCE Editor In WordPress [Guide]

Using The TinyMCE Editor In WordPress [Guide]

Although they might not know a name, everybody who uses WordPress is informed with a TinyMCE editor. It’s…Read more

Well, I’m articulate about Wave by Codox – a glorious apparatus that brings Google Docs-like partnership to WordPress. It enables we to work with your friends, associate bloggers or your group members on a singular post during a same time. For example, we can edit a calm while others work on a images.

With Wave, we can see a edits from all active collaborators in real-time. It is a bonus for beginner bloggers and authors who can take assistance from other bloggers and writers without regulating extensive emails. It is generally useful when we need to mix essence from opposite persons into a singular post.

Interestingly, Wave is not usually singular to WordPress, we can also combine with others in Gmail, Evernote as good as Wikipedia.

Wave – pros cons

Wave is engineered to move practical teams together. There are several advantages of regulating Wave some of that I’m mentioning below.

  • Supports co-editing in WordPress, Gmail, Evernote, and Wikipedia.
  • Works as an extension on several Chromium-based browsers including Chromium itself, Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Yandex Browser, etc.
  • Features partnership and instant co-editing but hassle.
  • Allows collaborators to start a co-editing event in just a singular click.
  • Lets we sign in regulating Google and send invites directly to your contacts.
  • Doesn’t facilities options to lane changes or return a request to an progressing chronicle distinct Google Docs (though a same is accessible in WordPress itself).

Installing Wave

Wave requires a simple installation of a prolongation in your web browser to work on your mechanism and can be accessed regulating a icon in a top-right dilemma of a browser. Below are a designation stairs in detail:

  1. Open a Wave prolongation link on a Chrome Web Store.
  2. Click a ADD TO CHROME button.
  3. Click Add extension symbol to endorse a installation.
  4. Close and restart a browser if a Wave idol doesn’t appear.
  5. You can now click on a Wave idol anytime to entrance a apparatus in your browser.
  6. After a installation, we need to emanate an criticism on Wave. You can possibly select to SIGNUP or SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE to register yourself.
  7. After induction and environment adult your account, we can start co-editing sessions after we send or accept an entice to collaborate with someone.

Start a co-editing event in Wave

There are usually a few mandate to start co-editing on Wave. All we need to do is to install a prolongation and have a email ids of all a collaborators. All collaborators are reserved pics/icons to assistance brand them simply and notice their changes clearly.

After we and your collaborators have commissioned and enabled Wave, we can begin co-editing directly in WordPress. Please follow next stairs to start a co-editing process:

  1. Sign in to your WordPress.
  2. In a dashboard, start essay a new post or select an aged post to revise it.
  3. Once we see a editor, a Wave icon/badge will appear on a center-right edge.
  4. Click on a Wave icon, enter a name or email of compulsory collaborators along with an discretionary invitation summary and click Send to send invites.
  5. An invitation to co-edit your post will be sent to all a given persons, that they can see usually if they’re logged in to Wave on their browsers.
  6. A new pic/icon will appear with a immature dot next a Wave idol whenever a new co-operator joins for co-editing your post in WordPress.
  7. A cursor with person’s name shows where he/she is modifying during a time.
  8. Congrats, we have successfully started a co-editing session. Do remember that we can add some-more collaborators during anytime while writing/editing a post.

How to join a co-editing session?

Collaborators can join a co-editing event on WordPress directly from a entice they get. As we click a invite, you’re destined to a WordPress post to start co-editing.

Below are a finish stairs with screenshots:

  1. Sign in to Wave and click on the Wave icon on a top-right corner.
  2. Click a INVITES add-on and it will uncover a perceived invites from others.
  3. Click one of a invites that we wish to join, and afterwards record in to a WordPress dashboard (if asked) to join a co-editing session.

Some final thoughts

Using Wave, it takes really small bid to set adult a collaborative environment, write an essay and ask feedback from others directly within WordPress. And it’s a contextual apparatus to get “everyone on a same page“.

Compared to Google Docs, Wave is usually higher if we need to co-edit inside WordPress. Unlike Google Docs, Wave works usually in Chromium-based browsers (at a time of writing), and nonetheless it lacks a revision history feature, a revision underline offering natively by WordPress covers that aspect.

Below we will find an informative video by a creators of Wave that can tell we serve about a tool, a features, and working.

Are we formulation to deliver Wave to your team? Don’t forget to tell me about yours and your peers’ knowledge of co-editing posts regulating Wave. I’m usually a criticism away.

http://latesttechnology.space/how-to-co-edit-wordpress-posts-using-wave/feed/ 0
Build Accessible Modal Windows with A11y Dialog http://latesttechnology.space/build-accessible-modal-windows-with-a11y-dialog/ http://latesttechnology.space/build-accessible-modal-windows-with-a11y-dialog/#comments Thu, 20 Jul 2017 11:52:04 +0000 http://latesttechnology.space/build-accessible-modal-windows-with-a11y-dialog/ Modals are widely upheld in complicated browsers. They can be used as notification popups, as opt-in fields, or even for photo slideshows.

You can build these windows regulating pure CSS though this isn’t a many permitted solution. Instead, check out A11y Dialog, a fully-functioning modal window that places a concentration on accessibility first.

It runs on vanilla JavaScript with a own tradition API and supports all complicated browsers opposite all devices. You can check out this demo to see how it looks in action.

It does seem most like a standard modal window. But, this book uses ARIA tags to support complicated accessibility for all users.

By default, A11y Dialog also supports touchscreens, so drumming has a same outcome as clicking. You can click or daub anywhere outward a window to tighten it, or on a mechanism strike a ESC key.

Somehow, this library is flattering small, only 1.2kb, including all a CSS and JS code. This creates it lightweight on tip of entirely accessible.

You can learn some-more by reading by a GitHub repo and A11y Dialog has a own support page, too. This includes a territory on installation setup for finish beginners. There’s also a lengthy section covering a DOM API for adding buttons to your page that can open (or close) a modal window.

If you’re perplexing to build some-more permitted websites severely cruise using A11y Dialog in your projects. You can get a source code from GitHub or download it from a package manager such as npm or Bower.

Take a demeanour during a main page to learn some-more about a setup and simple JavaScript features. This library comes with a lot some-more than ARIA accessibility, so it’s value contrast if we wish to enhance a facilities of your modal windows.

http://latesttechnology.space/build-accessible-modal-windows-with-a11y-dialog/feed/ 0
How to Check If a Facebook Post Has Been Edited http://latesttechnology.space/how-to-check-if-a-facebook-post-has-been-edited/ http://latesttechnology.space/how-to-check-if-a-facebook-post-has-been-edited/#comments Thu, 20 Jul 2017 11:51:52 +0000 http://latesttechnology.space/how-to-check-if-a-facebook-post-has-been-edited/ Facebook allows we to revise a post after publishing. It might be a blessing for a absent-minded, who can simply transparent their post from errors, however, it can also be troubling in some other situations. Like, you’d never know if someone posts something descent about we and change it later, or we cannot be means to use a post as explanation if a calm is altered after we final checked it.

How to Customize a ‘Via’ standing on your Facebook Posts

How to Customize a ‘Via’ standing on your Facebook Posts

Did we notice when some people or pages leave a standing on Facebook, they would have their own…Read more

Previously, if a post on Facebook was edited afterwards “Edited” used to seem beside it, though some time ago Facebook took this underline away. However, there is still a approach to verify either a post is edited or not, and what was a strange version.

Here are 3 elementary stairs to do so:

  1. Locate a post we wanted to check and click a “Menu arrow” during a tip right dilemma of post.
  2. Click “More options” in a menu.

    Sometimes we will see “View revise history” instead of “More options”. Click on it and we will see a original and edited versions of a post. However, if we see “More options” afterwards ensue with Step 3.

  3. Click “View revise history” to see a strange and edited post. The strange post will be on a tip of a edited posts.

How to See Every Photo Someone Liked on Facebook

How to See Every Photo Someone Liked on Facebook

Let’s be honest, if we use Facebook, we substantially use it to petiole or view on your friends,…Read more

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Convert Sketch Designs to HTML Newsletters with Slinky http://latesttechnology.space/convert-sketch-designs-to-html-newsletters-with-slinky/ http://latesttechnology.space/convert-sketch-designs-to-html-newsletters-with-slinky/#comments Tue, 18 Jul 2017 11:45:54 +0000 http://latesttechnology.space/convert-sketch-designs-to-html-newsletters-with-slinky/ Most code exporting tools are clunky and not unequivocally reliable. However, Slinky is a opposite kind of exporter for Sketch, that turns your designs into fully-compatible newsletter templates.

It’s easy to find newsletter ideas and recreate your favorites in a pattern program. But, customarily hard-coding a newsletter takes a lot of time that could be used elsewhere. This is where Slinky unequivocally shines.

Just implement a plugin and pattern your newsletter mockup with Sketch. Then, from a tip menu click Plugins Slinky Export comparison artboard. This brings adult a new menu to collect where to trade a files and what to call a newsletter.

Within a few seconds, we have got a template prepared to go, that is fully agreeable with all a vital email programs. But, it is a good thought to still test your newsletters to make certain they demeanour right.

Much like other formula exporting tools, Slinky is not perfect. For example, all images need to be marked as “exportable” in Sketch if we wish them enclosed as apart equipment in a HTML code.

It’s a teenager distrurbance though this plugin can still save we a lot of time compared to essay HTML/CSS templates from scratch. It all depends on how most we need to get done.

To learn some-more about this plugin and a requirements, check out a main GitHub repo. It’s an glorious place to crop a usage guidelines and we can even find contact details for a creators during Finch if we have any questions or suggestions.

This plugin is 100% giveaway for any project, so Slinky is a good choice regardless of your coding skills. Just visit a plugin page and download a duplicate to start pumpin’ out email templates right from Sketch.

http://latesttechnology.space/convert-sketch-designs-to-html-newsletters-with-slinky/feed/ 0
Spectral is a Font That’s Interactive & Customisable http://latesttechnology.space/spectral-is-a-font-thats-interactive-customisable/ http://latesttechnology.space/spectral-is-a-font-thats-interactive-customisable/#comments Tue, 18 Jul 2017 11:45:53 +0000 http://latesttechnology.space/spectral-is-a-font-thats-interactive-customisable/ While fonts come in many forms, most, if not all of them, are customarily immobile in design. However, fonts might shortly turn a lot some-more stretchable as Google has introduced a new rise form that is both customizable and interactive – called Spectral.

20 Beautiful Cursive Handwritten Fonts to Download

20 Beautiful Cursive Handwritten Fonts to Download

There are a lot of several giveaway fonts all over a web, though it could be utterly challenging…Read more

Developed in partnership with Production Type and Prototypo, Spectral is Google’s initial parametric font. It is designed with a beliefs of manageable pattern in mind. The outcome is a rise that is able of altering itself to fit in with a blueprint of a page it is in.

Spectral rise with smallest thickness
Spectral rise with limit density

Of course, technical explanations aren’t enough to sell people on a judgment of parametric fonts, that is because Google has launched a demo page for a rise that showcases what it could do. As a demo page shows, Spectral would allow designers to tinker with a series of aspects of a font, trimming from a orifice of a font, all a approach to a curviness of a font.

Aperture differences with a Spectral font

Did a demo conduct to seductiveness we in Spectral? If so, we have some good news. Spectral is now accessible for giveaway on Google Fonts, so we can download it and use it on your possess appurtenance if we wish. On tip of that, Spectral is also a selectable rise in some of Google’s services such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Top 10 Fonts Web Designers Love [Infographic]

Top 10 Fonts Web Designers Love [Infographic]

Ever consternation what fonts other web designers cite to use in their work? Ever consternation if your choice…Read more

http://latesttechnology.space/spectral-is-a-font-thats-interactive-customisable/feed/ 0
XD Guru is The #1 Resource Site All Adobe XD Users Should Know http://latesttechnology.space/xd-guru-is-the-1-resource-site-all-adobe-xd-users-should-know/ http://latesttechnology.space/xd-guru-is-the-1-resource-site-all-adobe-xd-users-should-know/#comments Sat, 15 Jul 2017 11:37:39 +0000 http://latesttechnology.space/xd-guru-is-the-1-resource-site-all-adobe-xd-users-should-know/ I’ve mislaid lane of how many freebie sites are online today. Most concentration on normal Adobe module such as Photoshop and Illustrator, though we can’t find most on Adobe’s newest module Experience Design (XD for short).

This module is still in beta nonetheless flourishing quick among designers. It even has a own apparatus website, XD Guru, that is a best place to crop for XD freebies tutorials.

This is truly a one-stop emporium for all a best XD resources with an implausible cost tag: free! You’ll find copiousness of XD freebies such as website mockups, icons, UI kits, and simpler graphics like web buttons.

You can also find free tutorials, possibly in created form or as Youtube videos.

The idea of this website is to capitalize on a flourishing XD audience in sequence to turn an management on a XD program. It’s a strong aspirant to Sketch and it seems like XD will strike Windows machines prolonged before Sketch can.

So, either you’re anticipating to learn XD or usually wish some freebies to disaster with, we have to advise XD Guru as a best resource. As a site is so new, it’s really fairly small. Adobe XD isn’t even out of beta yet!

Just keep your eyes on this wireframing/prototyping app and a XD Guru website compared with it. we have a humorous feeling this will be around for years to come charity a executive heart of resources for designers worldwide.

If we would like to bond with other designers check out a XD Guru Facebook group. It’s an glorious approach to not usually share ideas with other users though to also pitch suggestions to a site owners and submit your possess freebies to a collection.

http://latesttechnology.space/xd-guru-is-the-1-resource-site-all-adobe-xd-users-should-know/feed/ 0
50+ WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Better Productivity http://latesttechnology.space/50-wordpress-keyboard-shortcuts-for-better-productivity/ http://latesttechnology.space/50-wordpress-keyboard-shortcuts-for-better-productivity/#comments Fri, 14 Jul 2017 11:34:39 +0000 http://latesttechnology.space/50-wordpress-keyboard-shortcuts-for-better-productivity/ Knowing your computer’s keyboard shortcuts can raise capability manifolds. Similarly, your efficiency of operative on WordPress can also get an present boost if we know how useful certain keyboard shortcuts can be. Especially for a people who don’t like to switch between keyboard and mouse continuously, these keyboard shortcuts can infer zero reduction than a blessing.

5 Tips to Toughen Up Your WordPress Login Security

5 Tips to Toughen Up Your WordPress Login Security

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There are dozens of shortcuts for editing content, holding certain actions or usually navigating around WordPress. So, let’s check out a extensive list of almost all a WordPress keyboard shortcuts that I’ve prepared for users who wish to get things finished efficiently.

Basic navigation

Moving around WordPress and a options is same as navigating any other website.

You usually need a Tab, Arrow, Enter and a Backspace keys for that purpose. Below is an reason of how to use any of these keys for navigation.


When you’ll press Tab it’ll move we to a subsequent clickable link/option on a page starting from a top. You can press it mixed times to move from one choice to another. In box we wish to pierce back, reason Shift and press Tab.

Arrow keys

, , and will let we scroll by a post content.


When we wish to confirm a dialog box or entrance an option, simply press Enter.


Backspace moves we behind to a prior page. You can reason Shift and press backspace to pierce brazen a page.

Post Editing

This where a fun begins. Learning all a post editor shortcuts will assistance we edit and format your calm quickly. Below are all a calm management, modifying and formatting shortcuts you’ll need to emanate calm on WordPress.

Content management

Content formatting


WordPress also has dedicated shortcuts for criticism mediation section to make it easy to conduct comments. However, you’ll initial have to enable a keyboard shortcuts for a criticism moderation territory before regulating them. Here’s how to do it:

Go to your WordPress user form and capacitate a choice “Enable keyboard shortcuts for criticism moderation”. This will activate all a shortcuts that we have listed below. Do keep in mind that any user form contingency manually capacitate these shortcuts before regulating them.

Comment navigations

J and K keys are a usually keys you’ll need to navigate a comments.

Pressing J will pierce we down in a comments, If no comments are selected, afterwards a initial one will be selected, K will move we up in a comments.

Also, if we strech a bottom, J will move we to a subsequent page. And afterwards K will move we back to a prior page.

Comment actions

Below are some single pivotal shortcuts that will work when a criticism or mixed comments are highlighted:

Apply actions in bulk

There are some shortcuts we can use to request bulk actions to conduct a comments section. You can find these in a following:

Ending thoughts

These keyboard shortcuts will really assistance we be productive while handling your website by WordPress. we frequency use a rodent while modifying a content, and apart from a little check in highlighting a content; we never had any problem.

If we know other useful WordPress keyboard shortcuts or WordPress tips and tricks, share with us in a comments.

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